Questioning strategies for reading:

Discussion Web directions: A text based questioning strategy prompted by an essential question.

Blank copy for reproduction of discusion web

Socratic Questioning-Possibly one of the most effective questioning strategies, particularly for middle and high school students

Why Am I Reading This?: A student questioning guide to distinguish strategies used to read fiction or informational text

Types of Questions for Reading

Concept Definition Mapping:  A student owned strategy for asking questions about academic vocabulary

K-A-U Vocabulary Strategy

Bloom's Critical Thinking for questioning

Questioning Frames with Bloom's Taxonomy

THIEVES Strategy for previewing text

PMIS Plus, minus, intriguing, suggestions graphic organizer

Questioning Bookmark for literary elements & various genre


Asking Students Text Dependent Questions Fisher & Frey Marshall Memo September 2013

Marzano on Four Levels of Classroom Questioning excerpt Marshall Memo February 2013

Alternatives to the Traditional Question-and-Answer Dynamic, Himmele & Himmele excerpt Marshall Memo September 2012

The Art of Powerful Questions by Eric. E. Vogt, Juanita Brown, & David Isaacs-Chapter excerpt 2003

Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions: Dan Rothstein & Luz Santana Sept/Oct 2011

Checking for Understanding: Fisher & Frey September 2011

Asking Multi-level Questions About Text: Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey Summary Marshall Memo November 2011

Leading Effective Math Discussions with Students by Timothy Boerst, Laurie Sheep, Deborah Ball, & Hyman Bass-excerpt Marshall Memo Dec/2011