School Improvement

School Improvement provides a data-driven, research-based framework for defining goals and objectives for improving student learning and for selecting and implementing strategies to improve the instructional and organizational effectiveness of every school. Many factors contribute to increased academic achievement in schools. For the past six years NWRESD has worked with superintendents, principals, and teachers to implement the following processes:

  • Data Driven Decision-Making
  • Data Teams
  • Priority Standards & Unwrapped Standards
  • Common Formative Assessments
  • Effective Teaching Strategies

The Leadership and Learning Center  provide webinars and presentations to support our efforts. Included on this website are many white papers, power points, and articles to help you succeed as an administrator in your effort to create a system of accountability where all students may learn.

Accountability: A Comprehensive Framework-Power Point by Dr. Connie Kamm
Accountability: The Superintendent's Role-Power Point by Dr. Ray Smith Handouts
District Data Team
-Power Point by Dr. Mike Wasta
Focusing Critical Alignment of Our Work: PDF by David T. Nagel

Learning for the Future by Kamm, Rshaid, Rose

How to Determine Results Indicators by Steve Ventura

Leadership Implications for Results Indicators by Steve Ventura

District Roles CPRE Policy Brief September 2000