District Improvement Plan

On February 23, 2011 Colleen Mileham, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Improvement and Innovation at ODE sent Memorandum No. 005-2010-11 – Suspension of eCIP Submissions.   When some districts read that memo the interpretation was that ODE was not expecting districts and buildings to revise or write new improvement plans.  However, the main point of the memo stated that there was to be a suspension in regards to submission of eCIPS.   A clarification of this point was received later that day from Melinda Bessner at ODE in an e-mail which she clarified the memo by stating:

  • Suspension was only in regards to submission of eCIPS
  • The suspension was only until Fall 2013
  • ODE was working with the legislature to amend state law to facilitate improvement planning
  • Districts were expected to continue reviewing and revising their existing plans this would mean not creating the entire eCIP document as before, but focusing on Action Plans
  • ODE would continue to conduct monitoring visits….and identifying areas of improvement.


So Do We Have To Do A District and School Improvement Plan?

Based upon the statements made in the Memo by Colleen Mileham and the later clarification by Melinda Bessner, we would recommend that districts:

  • Use the Data Driven Decision Making model to conduct a review of academic, AMAO, and behavioral data to see what progress has been made on the 2009-11 Actions Plans – have your SMART Goals been met?
  • Adjust or write new SMART Goals based upon your analysis of academic, AMAO and behavioral data
  • Based upon your revised or new Action Plan, create a two year staff development plan for your district and/or buildings
  • Communicate the results of the 2009 – 10 Action Plans and the adjustments or new Action Plans dictated by the data analysis process.
  • At this point, no submission of an Improvement Plan to ODE is required, but plan for submission in 2013 using the work from 2011-12 as the basis

CIP Planning Process-Power Point

School Effectiveness Factors-Survey