Role Assignments

While working in cooperative groups it is necessary for each member of the group to be assigned a task and given a role. Before roles are assigned, teachers should explain and model the task and the individual roles for students so that they know and understand how his/her individual task and role will contribute to the success of the group. Roles should be rotated on a regular basis so that all students become proficient in each task.

Below are suggested roles and descriptions.


Makes certain that everyone contributes and keeps the group on task.

Materials Manager

Picks up, distributes, collects, turns in, or puts away materials used by the group. Manages material in the group during group work.


Keeps notes on important thoughts expressed in the group. Writes final summary.

Time Keeper

Keeps track of time and reminds group how much time is left.


Shares summary of group with large group. Speaks for the group, not a personal view


Checks for accuracy and clarity of the group's thinking during discussions. May also check written work and keeps track of group.