Quality Review Rubric & Materials

The Quality Review Rubric emerged from the EQuip Network which is tri-state collaborative including Massachusettes, Rhode Island and New York. Teachers created lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards and wanted a tool to help define "quality." A rubric was designed to address lessons in math and English Language Arts using a common definition of quality,  The four dimensions in the rubric examine alignment to the CCSS, key shifts in the CCSS, instruction and assessment. EQuIP teams are learning how to use tools and processes to review the quality of materials (tasks, lesson, units, modules) and to receive feedback prior to implementation. The following materials are designed to assist disrticts in the implementation of quality lessons, units, and materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards. *See sample lessons for practice/training review at the bottom of the page.

Strengthening Lessons in the Common Core Using the EQUIP Rubric: The Peer Review Process


Math EQuip Quality Review Rubric grades 5-12

ELA EQuip Quailty Review Rubric  grades 5-12 

ELA/Literacy EQuip Quality Review Rubric grades K-2

Math feedback sheet

ELA feedback sheet

CCSS Math QRR training Power Point

CCSS ELA QRR training Power Point

Training Videos:

Overview video 8:32 minutes


Teachers Using QRR 6:56 minutes

Sample lessons for QRR training and review:


Grade K: Counting and Cardinality submitted by Lesli Ficker, Math Specialist, Salem Kaiser SD

Grade 3: Unit I-Foundations of Multiplication & Division submitted by Lesli Ficker, Math Specialist, Salem Kaiser SD

Grade 5: What's That Portion from Investigations: Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions

Grade 6: Geometry submitted by Sharron Selman, Math Specialist, NWRESD


Grade 9: Lesson from To Kill A Mockingbird unit/ interview: Growing Up Black in the 1930's submitted by Christina Schultz

Grade 9: The Sniper contrasted with Traveling Through the Dark submitted by Diana Kileen & Stacy Carleton

Grade 10: Poetry My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke submitted by Maddy Anderson

The EQuIP Student Work Protocol is designed to establish or articulate the relationship between student work and the quality and alignment of instructional materials that previously have been reviewed using the EQuIP quality review process. Focusing on this relationship enables educators to develop a common understanding of the challenging work required by the CCSS. The specific objectives of this EQuIP Student Work Protocol are three-fold:

  1. To confirm that a lesson’s or unit’s assignment is aligned with the letter and spirit of the targeted Common Core State Standards.
  2. To determine how students performed on an assignment as evidence of how well designed the lesson/unit is.
  3. To provide criterion-based suggestions for improving the assignment and related instructional materials.

Click the links below to download the EQuIP Student Work Protocol for ELA/Literacy and Mathematics:

ELA/Literacy student feedback protocol

Mathematics student feedback protocol

Additional videos on Achieve the Core:

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