Resources for Implementation of Common Core State Standards

Smarter Balance is one of two multi-state consortia awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Education to develop an assessment system based on the Common Core State Standards. As soon as Smarter Balance releases test items, NWRESD will revisit the prioritization process and use the assessment as part of the three criteria (life, learning or next grade level & the test) prioritization process. Students in Oregon will be assessed using Smarter Balance and the CCSS in 2014-2015.

Irresponsible Attacks on the Common Core: Michael Petrilli excerpt from Education Gadfly 13 February 2014

Coming Soon: A New Generation of Assessments Nancy A. Doorey ASCD January 2013 pages 28-34. This article gives a description of how the PARCC and Smarter Balance assessment systems began and notes the differences between the two assessment consortia.

Talking to Parents-What Kindegarten Parents Need to Know about the Common Core published by PTA

Depth of Knowledge Templates:

Depth of Knowledge-examples of technology integration Department of Instructional Technology, October 2012

Simplified Depth of Knowledge Levels-with levels of rigor *Make sure you scroll to the bottom

Current Articles on Common Core State Standards:


Rethinking Small-Group Instruction with Informational Texts: Fisher & Frey Marshall Memo February 2014

The Debate on How to Teach Reading in the Commom Core Era: Kathleen Porter-Magee, excerpt from Gadfly December 2013

Using Authentic Historical Texts to Implement the Common Core: Sam Wineburg excerpt fron Education Week 11 December 2013

Richard Allington on Doing Right by Struggling Readers Marshall Memo April 2013

On Merging the Common Core Standards into Existing Literacy Practices in the Earlier Grades, DRAFT Liben & Liben, November 2012

Testing and the Common Core: Paul Zavitkovsky excerpt from Marshall Memo March 2012

Building a Common Core for Learning to Teach, and Connecting Professional Learning to Practice: BAll & Forzani, Summer 2011


A Status Report on Computer Scoring of WritingCaralee Adams March 2014

Classroom Observations:

Improving the Quality of Classroom Observations: Student Achievement Partners November 2013

Materials to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards

Lessons aligned to Common Core State Standards:

Grade 8 ELA: Making Evidence-Based Claims-ODell Education 2012

K-8 Math Priority Standards Flow-Created by Sharron Selman

Educator Effectiveness chart related to ODE initiatives


Common Core Foundations: A New Foundation for Student Success

Vision of the Common Core (9:01 minutes)

Elementary (14:11 minutes) Tch Teaching Channel

Middle School (14:04 minutes)  Tch Teaching Channel

High School (14:14 minutes) Tch Teaching Channel

For ELA  and Literacy (14:13 minutes Tch Teaching Channel